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TV Land & Nick At Nite Study Finds Families Who Make Dining Together A Priority Describe Themselves As Closer, More Connected And Less Likely To Raise Kids At Risk For Destructive Behaviors
New York, NY, November 24, 2004


Family Dinners – Eating Together At Home Have you ever said, “Oh, I’m just too busy to cook,” or “Let’s just grab something through the drive-thru.” Schedules are busy and pile on the family activities and it is difficult to get everyone at the same table. There are many studies stating that eating together as a family has extremely positive benefits for your children, especially teenagers, and the family as a whole. So why not turn Supper Thyme into creating more family time? See the benefits a time-saving solution like ours has to offer and next time you can say, “ Let’s have dinner at home, it’s already made.” Take a look at the benefits and make family time around the table a priority.

  1. Eating Together Influences Good Decisions
  2. Eating Together Creates Conversation
  3. Eating Together Creates Healthful Habits
  4. Eating Together Teaches Life Skills
  5. Eating Together Teaches Manners

MyPyramid for Kids
Food and Nutrition Service, USDA

Check out this child-friendly version of MyPyramid, USDA's food guidance system. Developed to help motivate children 6-11 years old make healthy food choices and be physically active every day with activities for kids and the entire family.

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Understanding The New Nutritional Facts Label
Food and Nutrition Service, USDA

The new Nutrition Facts label makes it easier for people to know what is in the food they eat. Comparing these labels will help you to know which foods have lower fat or fewer calories, which foods make healthy snacks, and which are acceptable for special diets. Use this source to make informed food choices that will benefit your entire family.

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